Dieting vs. Lifestyle Change

Diet, dieting, fad diet. These are the dirtiest words at Life and Path. The reason why is simple; our focus is to create a community of people who are living better lives. And while “dieting” is one way to achieve this, all too often the results are erratic and short lived. If we really want to live better lives, we need to change more than what we eat.

The desire to lose weight is more than simply a desire to look better. We want to look better, many times, because we feel that some other part of our lives is incomplete or out of control. If we want to change the way we feel about our bodies, we need to create a real, lasting lifestyle change. This includes changing the way we think, what we eat, who we associate with and how we exercise.

All too often the desire to lose weight is more of a symptom of a larger issue. Instead of searching for the latest diet craze, we here at Life and Path recommend taking some time to look inward and reflect on how you feel about all the areas of your life. Are you happy with your job or is there something else that you would prefer to be doing? Do you feel organized and in control? Are your friends supportive or do they care more about themselves or what your friendship gets them? When is the last time that you set goals for yourself? Have you achieved them? What are your new goals?

Finally, How is your love life? Let’s face it, one of the biggest reasons why we want to change our appearance is to help attract someone new into our lives. But when asking about your love life, start within. Do you love yourself? And don’t simply answer “Yes” and pass it off. Do you really, truly love yourself? If the answer is “No” or “I’m not sure,” you need to take a hard look at everything that you need to build a better life instead of looking for a new diet.