Goal Setting: Preparing Yourself to Succeed

Goal Setting: Preparing Yourself to Succeed

Yesterday we talked about setting goals. We talked about how our goals need to be specific, achievable and set within a time-line. But just having a well written goal isn’t going to make you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. If you continue tomorrow doing all the same things that you did today, you will find yourself sitting in exactly the same place.

It takes a fair amount of thought and effort to create a specific goal. Hopefully, as you spent the time thinking about this goal you thought about all the things that go along with your specific goal. For instance, yesterday we gave the example of someone who decided that they will become the Communications Manager at their company. If this person already works in the communications department it would be a good idea to let their supervisor know that this is her goal. Either the supervisor will support this goal and create a development plan for the employee or the employee needs to go to the next level above. Getting someone else involved in your goal will help you achieve the goal.

This is a point that we should spend a little bit of time discussing. Why is it important for us to get other people involved in our goals? In the case of a business relationship, you want to build a relationship with someone who can be an advocate for you. On their end, it looks good when a supervisor or manager can develop new talent from within the company. The person may be willing to help you because they like you, however, it never hurts to let them know the potential benefits of your promotion. It is also important to let managers and supervisors know your intentions to get promoted because they are busy people. With everything on their plate, when the opportunity opens up you want them to think of your name first, because if your name isn’t even on their list, you probably won’t get the job.

The final point that I want to make today is this, don’t get discouraged. Just because you have a single discussion with a manager does not mean that you will get the next available promotion. Continue to make your career advancement a topic of conversation and continue to find out what you can do to really show off your talents. Volunteer for job assignments that you are passionate about. This will allow you to do your best work instead of getting stuck doing jobs that drain you or that you do not care about. Remember, persistence pays off!

Check in again tomorrow when we discuss what to do if you do not reach your goal by your time-line.