Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning. These words can be either cheered or feared depending on your outlook. But the facts are the same, as the season switches from winter to spring, most of us are in the same boat–we need to spruce things up a bit.

Spring cleaning is important for a number of reasons. One of the biggest problems that people run into during the winter is the tendency to hibernate. Not literally, of course. But after all the preparations for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is only natural that during the rest of the winter we do not keep the house in “Mother-in-Law Ready” condition. However, once springtime is here, it’s time to put away the last of the Christmas decorations and get the house ready for spring.

When you approach spring cleaning, don’t get too hung up on making everything perfect. One thing that I like to do during spring cleaning is to make sure that everything is organized. We tend to accumulate a lot of “stuff” over the winter and all this new stuff doesn’t always have a permanent home yet. Find everything a home and let the other members of your family know what goes where and hold them accountable to keeping them there. This will make the next spring cleaning a lot easier on everyone.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the physical aspect of spring cleaning but there should be an emotional side to spring cleaning as well. Sadly, for many good, hard-working Americans, this spring represents one full year since they were laid off from their jobs. Some people have moved on to better jobs, some are working less than perfect jobs to make the bills and some people are still desperately looking for work. Take the time this spring to appreciate everything and everyone that you have in your life and develop new attitudes and new goals.

Think about all the lessons learned over the winter and over the past year and develop a plan to achieve something great this year. Take the time to get organized physically and emotionally and you will grow as quickly as the flowers and the trees.