Time Management Tips

Time Management: Tips That Work!

Time Management is a buzzword – or phrase, rather. What does it mean? REALLY mean?

Time is what we trade for money, which we trade to others for goods and services, which directly or indirectly, takes their time. So time really is money.

How can you get more to spend?

  1. Write down the reasons you want more time. What do you want to be able to do? You can’t put a value on something you haven’t identified.
  2. Choose a random day. Write all of the tasks you will have or had during that day. From breakfast to bed. Feeling crafty? Make a damn pie chart.
  3. Ask yourself, is there someone that can do this task for me. Is spending $50 on a maid worth that extra couple of quality hours you can spend with your spouse, kids, enjoying gardening, etc.? Would spending  money on lawn service free up time for you to get started on your cooking blog that would earn you more money over time?
  4. Notice how this all makes you feel. Do you feel angry, overwhelmed, scared, resentful? These feelings are the toxic byproduct of not getting your needs met. If you’re feeling good, awesome, if not here’s how to value yourself.
  5. Drop any feelings of shame about hiring others to help. We all need jobs, and are all in some way serving somebody (thanks Mr. Bob Dylan).
  6. Act on it. Trade services for help, pay someone to help, ask for favors. Fight for yourself!
  7. Rinse & Repeat. Keep going through the steps in this list until you’re able to free more time. Then free some more, just for fun.
Bonus: Get Fifteen Minutes of Additional Exercise Daily: Not only will this make you more efficient, you’ll sleep better, and the time you spend enjoying life will be so much more rewarding in a sound mind and body.