Win the Lottery (Without Winning the Lottery)

Win the Lottery (Without Winning the Lottery)

Winning the lottery. What does that mean to you? Why do you buy your ticket? Is the $1 or $2 your excuse to dream for a bit?

Building your ideal life, the life you say you’ll have when you win the lottery, is something we all want. What does that really mean? It means you want freedom from the fear of ever having to work again. Why do we want this freedom? So that we can live, as our true nature dictates, unencumbered by schedules, bosses, traffic, you name it. We want to be at home with our children, pets, and hobbies. How about you take the reins? You create that life for yourself…and keep playing the lottery in the meantime.

Think of work differently. We all love the stability of a steady paycheck, from one job, coming from one location. But this is, save for a promotion here or there, a relatively finite income source. Start thinking of skills you have outside of your day job that you can monetize in the evenings and weekends. Do carpentry, teach yoga, coach sports.

Gradually start working for yourself. Make money doing the things you love. Will it replace your income? Nope, not at first, but keep learning the things you’re interested in, teach those things, and eventually you’ll be so busy with them that you’ll need to quit your day-job.

Think of your career as muffins, not a loaf of bread. Instead of one big career, have several little careers, that way if a few muffins don’t turn out, you’ve got others that will. Don’t knock the $100 bucks you made last month teaching home-brew classes. If you’re making a little money at it, you can make a lot by using all of your skills or interests.

Start absorbing anything you can about being an entrepreneur. You can start with reading sites like .

Believe you are capable. So now that you’ve read some things about entrepreneurs, what separates you from them? The belief and daily work toward your goal. Period.

Getting overwhelmed is not an excuse. You’re bound to get overwhelmed on this new journey, but don’t let it stop you. Write out all of the tasks you’re thinking of doing (starting a blog, getting hosting, etc.) and knock down the hardest one first. Fight for it, get it done. It gets easier.

Do your research, and find those answers. Have questions? Sure, we all do. Google your questions, and keep looking until you find a good answer. No answer? Looks like you found a niche to capitalize on.

Working for yourself is a great way to achieve financial freedom. Will it be be easy? No, not at the beginning, but it will become a way of life for you. Is there risk involved? Yep, but your chances of success are better than winning the lottery.