Using Jealousy to Guide your Life

When have you felt jealous? What or who was it about? Why? Maybe it’s because that’s the life you want to be leading.

The next time you find yourself gossiping, being hateful, or feeling jealous, ask yourself, what do they have that I want? It’s a hard question, because you’ve probably gotten pretty darn good at telling yourself you couldn’t possibly want that for reasons x, y & z. It doesn’t have to mean that you want exactly what they have, but maybe a little more freedom? A little bit more money for yourself so that you can be a little frivolous too?

How to use Jealousy to get the life you want:

  1. Identify why you feel like snarling at that good looking guy or girl (or whatever, whoever). Is it because you haven’t been getting to the gym lately and looking at them feeling so darn good makes you take notice of how you’re feeling?
  2. Use the conflict. Get to the gym already. Get your hair done. Buy a new shirt. Get a babysitter for an afternoon of coffee and browsing at the mall.
  3. Take care of yourself. Yes, things get in the way. But they can get in the way a little bit less today. You CAN enlist help, paid or unpaid, find a way.
  4. Know that no one will do it for you. Stuck in a dead-end job that makes you feel powerless? Who’s going to change that for you?
  5. Believe that you are worth it. Finding your worth takes work, and could fill a million blog posts. But get started. Check out some self help books, see if your insurance cover a therapist (most cover a few sessions). You’re already taking a step by reading Life and Path.

Our internal compass guides us in many ways. Jealousy and spite are only a few. Instead of feeling guilty about them, turn them into something positive and get to work!